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Ring Resizing

Ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your ring with our resizing services.

Jewelry technician holds a cylindrical metal rod with an inserted ring being stretch to achieve the desired size.


Ring Resizing

Ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your ring with our resizing services.

Get Back That Perfect Fit

If a ring doesn’t fit properly, it’s likely that  you won’t wear it. Even more so, you won’t enjoy wearing it.

Too tight, and it’s uncomfortable. Too loose, and it can fall off, causing insecurity every time it’s worn. 

At Kim Quang Jewelry, we can help you resize your ring so you can enjoy wearing it again. With over 40 years of experience, our jewelers have helped countless clients all over the San Diego area resize their rings. 

Don’t let your ring sit at the bottom of the jewelry box, bring it to our showroom and let us help you get back that perfect, snug fit.  

One white gold ring on a white background. The ring contains a baguette-cut diamond mounted at the center.

What People Are Saying

Nevynne Darcy Regala
Nevynne Darcy Regala
3 months ago
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I had an excellent experience shopping for an anniversary gift here. I had stopped by just to browse and felt very comfortable and well taken care of. I had left and shopped around but came back because of the options and reasonably priced items compared to others. I had gotten an 18kt diamond cut necklace for me and my lady and can’t stop admiring them! They had even gave me tips on how to keep them clean and they offered to clean them at the store for free as well. Awesome experience and will definitely come back.
April M
April M
9 months ago
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I always come to this jewelry shop, the staff are all awesome people. Linda particularly is the one that assist me every time. Her inputs and customer service is always friendly and honest. If your looking to buy any type of jewelry small or big, they have many varieties and prices are fair. Definitely we’ll be back in the near future!
Carter Mach
Carter Mach
a month ago
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Super nice/friendly staff. Visiting from Seattle & ended up picking up a beautiful 150g 24k gold bracelet from them. Highly recommend for anyone who’s into/looking into jewelry! Will definitely come back here in the future!

Ring Resizing FAQs

When it comes to resizing a ring, there are a few different techniques that can be used.

If a ring is too big and needs to be sized down, a small incision is made in the band and a portion of the ring’s metal is removed. Next, the band is formed back into a circle, with the gap being closed to bring about a decreased size.

In cases where a ring needs to be sized up, depending on the size increase, two techniques are the norm

If the adjustment is small, the band may be able to be stretched to give a little more clearing, giving a better fit. If the adjustment is more dramatic, the band can be cut to have an additional piece of metal incorporated into it to give a larger circumference. In these cases, the additional metal used is the same, if not highly similar to the ring’s original metal. This helps ensure a smooth transition, giving the ring a uniform finish.

The amount that a ring can be resized depends on a few different factors, namely the ring’s metal, the current size, and the thickness of the band. Generally speaking, when resizing a ring, it’s best to stay within one to two sizes of the ring’s original size to help maintain its structural integrity.

Note, that there may also be instances where a ring’s design or gemstone placement places a limit on its resizing possibilities. An example of this is on eternity bands, where gemstones are placed all along a ring’s shank. In any case, to get an idea of what’s possible, it’s best to bring your ring in for a complimentary consultation with our graduate GIA gemologist.

Most of the time, resizing a ring will not leave any noticeable marks on it. There are exceptions to this, however.

An example of this is when a ring’s composition is made out of a unique mixture of metals (alloy) that can’t be easily sourced. In cases where we increase the size of these kinds of rings, since we can’t use the exact alloy as the original, we may need to use a similar one. This can sometimes leave a small, faint mark on the ring, at the point where the new alloy is used to increase the ring’s circumference.

Before starting any resizing project, we will address what can be done with your ring, and what the end result will look like.

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