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Jewelry Soldering Services

Solder your broken jewelry pieces for a seamless repair.

Goldsmith holding a tool for soldering a band ring with a tweezer sitting at a table


Jewelry Soldering Services

Solder your broken jewelry pieces together for a seamless repair.

Jewelry Soldering: Mend Your Broken Jewelry Pieces

A broken piece of jewelry doesn’t have to remain fragmented and forgotten at the bottom of your jewelry box. Soldering, a tried-and-true technique, is a solution to such situations.

At Kim Quang Jewelry, our expert on-site jewelers can solder your broken jewelry pieces back together, fusing them in a seamless fashion so they look and function as if they were new.

With over 40 years of experience serving the San Diego community, you can trust in our expertise to mend your treasured pieces together, to preserve both their beauty and the memories they hold.

Goldsmith holding a tool for soldering a band ring sitting on a table

What People Are Saying

Nevynne Darcy Regala
Nevynne Darcy Regala
3 months ago
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I had an excellent experience shopping for an anniversary gift here. I had stopped by just to browse and felt very comfortable and well taken care of. I had left and shopped around but came back because of the options and reasonably priced items compared to others. I had gotten an 18kt diamond cut necklace for me and my lady and can’t stop admiring them! They had even gave me tips on how to keep them clean and they offered to clean them at the store for free as well. Awesome experience and will definitely come back.
April M
April M
9 months ago
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I always come to this jewelry shop, the staff are all awesome people. Linda particularly is the one that assist me every time. Her inputs and customer service is always friendly and honest. If your looking to buy any type of jewelry small or big, they have many varieties and prices are fair. Definitely we’ll be back in the near future!
Carter Mach
Carter Mach
a month ago
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Super nice/friendly staff. Visiting from Seattle & ended up picking up a beautiful 150g 24k gold bracelet from them. Highly recommend for anyone who’s into/looking into jewelry! Will definitely come back here in the future!


Jewelry soldering is a technique that’s used to seamlessly fuse two or more metal jewelry pieces together. Central to the process is the use of a torch, used to heat up solder alloys to join two base metal pieces together.

For each soldering task, jewelers meticulously select a solder alloy that matches the hue and color of the pieces being joined. Furthermore, it’s also crucial to choose solders with melting points lower than the base metals. This ensures the solder can be melted and shaped without altering the primary components; once the solder is cooled, it creates a strong and lasting bond.

Beyond using soldering for repairs, the technique also plays a central role in crafting new jewelry pieces from scratch.

Whether or not a soldering project for a broken jewelry piece will be feasible or not depends on two important factors – the material of the piece, and the complexity of the break.

For jewelry that is composed of metals like gold and silver, creating a bond between the broken pieces with solder proves simple. There is a wide range of alloys that can be used to create strong bonds between these metals, while coming in hues that are comparable for a seamless look. Other metals, however, like Titanium, have properties that make them inherently difficult to solder together.

Beyond the metal type, it’s also important to consider the complexity of the jewelry piece’s break.
If the piece has suffered a clean break, where the broken ends fit together neatly, it’s usually easier to solder. However, if the break is jagged or the pieces don’t align well, the soldering process could be more challenging. Soldering such breaks may result in a weak bond, or one that looks poor aesthetically speaking.

Prior to any soldering project, our team will walk you through what’s possible and what to expect with the piece’s final finish.

Our team can help solder and repair virtually all different types of jewelry – rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, chains and so forth. This of course depends on the project at hand, as well as the material of the piece.

Note that if your treasured piece is beyond repair, there’s always the option to have it recycled, redesigned and reused for a new piece.

Soldering is used to fuse two or more metal pieces together. In the case of diamonds or precious stones, they are held securely on a piece through the piece’s prongs.

If your diamond or gemstone has fallen off your piece, you can have your prongs repaired, and the diamond reset on it.

If you’ve lost the stone altogether, we can also help you source a new one should you choose to replace it.

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