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Gemstone Replacement Services

Collaborate with our graduate GIA gemologist to find the perfect replacement gemstone for your favorite piece.


Gemstone Replacement Services

Collaborate with our graduate GIA gemologist to find the perfect replacement gemstone for your favorite piece.

A New Stone for a Fresh Look

Your jewelry should remain as vibrant, elegant, and timeless as the story it tells. 

If the brilliance of your cherished keepsake has faded, replacing its gemstone is an excellent way to restore its beauty. 

Visit our showroom and consult with our on-site graduate GIA gemologist to see how we can help you update the stone on your favorite piece. 

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What People Are Saying

Nevynne Darcy Regala
Nevynne Darcy Regala
3 months ago
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I had an excellent experience shopping for an anniversary gift here. I had stopped by just to browse and felt very comfortable and well taken care of. I had left and shopped around but came back because of the options and reasonably priced items compared to others. I had gotten an 18kt diamond cut necklace for me and my lady and can’t stop admiring them! They had even gave me tips on how to keep them clean and they offered to clean them at the store for free as well. Awesome experience and will definitely come back.
April M
April M
9 months ago
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I always come to this jewelry shop, the staff are all awesome people. Linda particularly is the one that assist me every time. Her inputs and customer service is always friendly and honest. If your looking to buy any type of jewelry small or big, they have many varieties and prices are fair. Definitely we’ll be back in the near future!
Carter Mach
Carter Mach
a month ago
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Super nice/friendly staff. Visiting from Seattle & ended up picking up a beautiful 150g 24k gold bracelet from them. Highly recommend for anyone who’s into/looking into jewelry! Will definitely come back here in the future!

Gemstones We Work With

One white diamond ring with a mounted blue sapphire.

At Kim Quang Jewelry, we can source all different types of gemstones to update the look of your pieces. These include, but are not limited to:

Gemstone Replacement FAQ

When getting a gemstone replaced, it’s important to consider the visual and physical characteristics of the replacement stone.

Visual Characteristics
When replacing your gemstone, you want to make sure that the new stone will fit in with the piece visually as a whole.

Finding a gemstone that complements the overall look of your piece requires a careful evaluation of its visual factors. Is the new gemstone the main stone, or is it meant to complement the main stone? Does the new stone fit in with the hue of the metal? How does the piece present in various lighting conditions?

Considering the gemstone’s visual context and role in the piece can help you to find the perfect replacement.

Physical Characteristics
Like with the visual characteristics of the stone, it’s also important to consider its physical characteristics. We want to be sure that the stone itself is appropriate for the piece it’s to be set on.

For instance, if you’re planning on replacing the gemstone of a piece that you wear every day, you may consider a stone that is resistant to fading. This holds especially true for those who live in places with lots of sun, like here in San Diego or anywhere in Southern California.

Certain stones, like amethyst, emerald, and rose quartz, will fade with exposure to strong UV rays. For these types of stones, it would be best to consider them as replacement stones on pieces that are to be worn at night, or on special occasions.

Another physical characteristic to consider is the gemstone’s durability, or in jewelry terms, its wearability. Some stones are more fragile than others and may be more suitable to be set on pieces that are worn occasionally, or on pieces that don’t see much wear (think earrings vs rings). Such examples of fragile stones like these are pearl, quartz, or opal.

In any case, if you’re unsure of which direction you’d like to go with regards to choosing a gemstone, our GIA graduate gemologist will be happy to help you find the perfect replacement that suits your specific needs.

The lead time for a gemstone replacement project mainly depends on sourcing the replacement stone.

We do carry a variety of loose diamonds and gemstones in our showroom, so sourcing a stone for your project can take as little as a few hours. If there’s a stone that you’d like that we don’t have in stock, ordering it and having it delivered will take some time.

Like with the timing, pricing varies based upon what gemstone you choose as well.

For all gemstone replacement projects, you will be collaborating with our in house GIA gemologist to determine the best replacement gem for your piece.

For a more accurate estimation on budgeting and timelines, we invite you to visit our store for a complimentary consultation with one of our team members

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Looking to replace your gemstone? Feel free to get in touch with us to set up a complimentary consultation. 

We have an on site graduate GIA gemologist to help you navigate through your replacement project. 

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